Our company

"If it's not fresh, we don't sell it!"

The SIAKOS meat company is based in Acharnes, Attica and is a dynamically developing company that is active in the import, marketing, processing, standardization and packaging of fresh meat, emphasizing high quality, taste and the best possible service to the consumer.

Compliance with the necessary hygiene and safety rules and specifications of the products produced is our main priority. The company has modern and fully equipped building facilities which ensure the production of quality products, which meet the requirements of strict European legislation.

All SIAKOS products are produced in accordance with the strictest safety and hygiene standards provided for by Greek and European legislation, the application of which is supervised by specialized scientific staff (veterinarians, food technologists and chemists).

At all stages from production to the final distribution of the products, all the European specifications recommended by the ISO and HACCP Quality Assurance System are strictly observed and applied.

To keep the meat fresh and retain its natural juices, it needs to be stored between 0" and 5". We maintain this temperature from the time we receive the product, when it is cleaned, cut and stored until it goes FOR DELIVERY. Even when it comes out for delivery, we keep it chilled right to your door.

The products are distributed with the company's own fleet, which consists of trucks - refrigerators, which thanks to the perfect organization and the perfect equipment, ensure the coverage of our customers' needs immediately and safely, observing all the principles of HACCP and ISO . The modern and flexible distribution network of the SIAKOS company guarantees the immediate supply of your products by constantly checking the temperature of our products.

The preferences of the consumer public are a driving force and reward for our company!

Thank you.